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We introduce you to NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO’s surroundings, fascinating people, places, and things in this area through articles, events and other experiences. While the focus is on Ueno, we continue to search for content that tickles the curiosity of our readers, for a special experience that goes beyond just staying at the hotel.

event calendar


The NOHGA HOTEL, which places importance on "connecting deeply with the area and the wonderful experiences that arise from that connection," will be offering events and workshops in collaboration with people in the attractive area of Ueno. We will also hold exhibitions and sales by local artists and designers in our lobby gallery.


We will introduce tours, starting from the hotel, that explore the charms of the city on a variety of themes and scales. Please enjoy "discovery" and "learning" that only our recommended tours can provide, while experiencing the history and culture of the Ueno area. By taking a step further than usual to experience people, places, and things, you will discover a "new Ueno" and make your trip unforgettable and wonderful.