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Recharge or unwind at Bistro NOHGA. Our contemporary menu is created using ingredients that come from producers whose faces we know, and local shops in our own neighborhood.
Experience Japan's seasonal richness through any meal with exquisite natural wine, craft beer and sake pairings. Be moved and nourished, body and soul.

  • BREAKFAST : 7:00am-10:30am (10:00am L.O.)
  • LUNCH : 11:30am-2:00pm
  • CAFE : 2:00pm-6:00pm
  • DINNER : 6:00pm-10:30pm(L.O/COURSE 8:30pm、FOOD 9:30pm、DRINK 10:00pm)

    ※From April onwards, on the second Tuesday of the month, lunch and dinner will be suspended, and only the cafe will be open from 11:00 to 17:00 (L.O. 16:30).


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  • RESTAURANT FEATURE PICK UP various usage image

    Featuring products from our neighbors

    For an remarkable experience to get "deeply connected to a place", we initiatively feature products selected from our local neighbors, such as rice, miso, bread, and wine. To serve each subtle flavor at its best, we keep our recipes simple as possible.

  • RESTAURANT FEATURE PICK UP wooden kiln image

    Seasonal dishes cooked at open-type kitchen

    The counter table is the best seat to observe our chef's creations. We value and celebrate seasonal taste, recipes and constantly adapt the way we cook.

  • RESTAURANT FEATURE PICK UP bar style image

    Exclusively served original roast blend coffee

    We collaborated with our local cafe and coffee roaster, Kabuki, to produce our original blend, carefully hand-dripped. We change the way we roast and blend three times a day, to serve a taste that suits the different hours of the day.

  • RESTAURANT FEATURE PICK UP bar style image

    Wide variety of liquors

    Our unique variety of natural wine, sake, craft beer, carefully selected by the NOHGA team, pairs to accentuate the natural flavor in each of our dishes. Including variety, we also highly value the background of each product: the ingredients, the water quality and the manufacturing process.


  • Kabuki

  • Gunji Miso Tsukemono

    miso, pickles, salted plum
  • Ohta's Ham

    ham, bacon
  • Funato Shoten

  • Manufacture

  • Iseoto

    bonito flakes, kombu, shiitake mushrooms
  • Inaricho Aizawa Kometen

  • Liquors Nodaya

    sake, wine
  • Sagamiya

  • Fukuhara Saketen

    sake, wine
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NOHGA HOTEL original roast blend coffee served through the day. Enjoy the "essential Japanese taste" found in speciality coffee beans which the owner, Yusuke Kabuki himself selected from coffee farm inspections.

1-12-12 Misuji, Taito Ward, Tokyo #111-0055
16min walk / 6min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-5809-3918
Open Hours:11:00AM-8:30PM
Holidays: Tuesday

〉Neighbors Interview "Kabuki: Pursuing "The essential Japanese taste" in coffee and chocolate"


Gunji Miso Tsukemonomiso, pickles, salted plum

Miso, pickles, and salted plum used in breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.
Established in 1957 by the current company president Haruo Gunji, Gunji Miso Tsukemono prides itself on "natural fermentation" which utilizes the temperature changes of Japan's four seasons. Its most popular product, brown rice fermented miso, uses the brown rice of Koshihikari rice as a koji fermentation base. The miso has a mild and deep savory flavor brought about by slow fermentation. In addition to miso, Gunji Miso Tsukemono also offers a wide range of "tsukemono" pickles. Among these, "bettarazuke" daikon radishes are a best-seller. Pickled with the skin-on, it produces a popular flavor that is not too sweet, as well as a unique texture.

1-14-2 Torigoe, Taito Ward, Tokyo #111-0054
17min walk / 7min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-3851-1783
Open Hours: 9AM-7PM
Holidays: Sunday, National holidays, 2nd/4th Mondays


Ohta's Hamham, bacon

Ham and bacon used in breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.
Setting its shop in Iriya, Taito Ward, Ohta's Ham is loved by fans all over Japan. With its traditional manufacturing process, carefully selected pork is fermented with rock salt, which makes deep smoky sent and juicy flavor. They mainly wholesale to local shops, and also sell at their own shop on weekdays.

1-3-6 Iriya, Taito Ward, Tokyo #110-0013
19min walk / 7min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-3851-1783
Open Hours: 8:30AM-5PM
Holidays: Sundays, 2nd/4th Saturdays


Funato Shotentsukudani

Tsukudani used in breakfast menu.
Funato Shoten is a veteran "tsukudani" shop established in 1927. The mother-in-law of the current second-generation owner Michiko Tsukakoshi, first served as an apprentice at Ebiya, a tsukudani shop in Shimbashi, before moving on to open Funato Shoten. Even after the retirement of its owner, Mrs. Tsukakoshi has carried on protecting the shop's well-known flavor. 20 varieties of tsukudani, or soy sauce-pickled foods, can be found lined up at the shop at all times, with their most popular offering being Japanese littleneck clam tsukudani. The timeless taste has crossed generations and continues to draw customers.

3-15-1 Higashi-Ueno, Taito Ward, Tokyo #110-0015
1min walk from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-3831-2310
Open Hours: 9AM-6PM on weekdays, 9AM-5PM on Saturdays
Holidays: Sunday, National holidays



Variety of bread is served in breakfast, lunch, dinner menu.
Manufacture opened in 2015 locating at Asakusa along Sumida River. As seen on the shop name, they cherish the manufacturing process which customers could see through the glass doors inside the shop. With the balance of sweetness and saltiness, the wheat flavor spreads inside your mouth in every bite, which fits any recipe.

1-11-1-3F, Hanakawado, Taito Ward, Tokyo #111-0033
30min walk / 12min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-5830-3377
Open Hours: 10AM-6PM
Holidays: Monday


Iseotobonito flakes, kombu, shiitake mushrooms

Products used in breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.
Iseoto founded its first bonito flake wholeseller in Nihonbashi at the end of the Edo Period. Its second store in Ameyoko, which is still open today, was opened after the second world war. Iseoto sticks to its "quality-oriented" standard, earning its recognition from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries for its original "hongare" bonito flakes.

6-4-10 Ueno, Taito Ward, Tokyo #110-0005
7min walk / 3min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-3831-4411
Open Hours: 9AM-7PM
No regular holidays


Inaricho Aizawa Kometenrice

Rice used in breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.
The owner, Mr.Aizawa is the first "Five star rice meister" within Taito Ward. His shop specializes in organic, chemical-free rice, always selling at least 30 types. He also accepts rice milling which is favored by neighbors for its speed, flexibility, and his smile.

3-7-4 Higashi-Ueno, Taito Ward, Tokyo #110-0015
4min walk / 2min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 0800-800-2803
Open Hours: 8AM-7PM on weekdays, 8AM-4:30PM on Saturdays
Holidays: Sunday, National holidays

〉Neighbors Interview "Inaricho Aizawa Kometen: Sharing passion of rice producers with deep connection with the neighbors"


Liquors Nodayasake, wine

Liquors Nodaya is a local liquor shop at Yomise Street, Sendagi. They select Japanese craft beer, sake, natural wine along with condiments and appetizers. The shop employees regularly hold seminars and events to spread the wine and sake experience.
Facebook page

3-45-8 Sendagi, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo #113-0022
39min walk / 15min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-3821-2664
Open Hours: 10AM-7PM
Holidays: Wednesday

〉Neighbors Interview "Liquors Nodaya: Building relationships based on trust with producers in the neighborhood and beyond"



Sagamiya sets its shop at Asakusa Kaminarimon shopping street with over 130 years of history. It is renowned for its selection of natural wine from Italy, France, Slovenia and other European countries with background stories.

1-8-2 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo #111-0032
22min walk / 9min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-6231-6422
Open Hours: 9AM-5PM
Holidays: Wednesday


Fukuhara Saketensake, wine

Located in Okachimachi, Taito Ward, Fukuhara Saketen selects sake, shochu, and other Japanese qualified liquors along with beers from all over the world. The owner Mr. Fukuhara, who has several certifications related to liquors, runs the store to spread lifestyle and communication through sake. He holds monthly tasting events for sake and wine for beginners to deep fans.

3-6-8 Taito, Taito Ward, Tokyo #110-0016
10min walk / 4min bicycle ride from NOHGA HOTEL
〉See on Google Map
TEL: 03-3831-2235
Open Hours: 9AM-8PM on weekdays, 9AM-7PM on Saturdays
Holidays: Sunday, National holidays