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[BANSHU-IKKON × Bistro NOHGA] Sake Pairing Dinner: Autumn 2023

Saturday, November 11th, 2023 from 19:00 to 21:30
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In autumn 2023, Bistro NOHGA is collaborating with Sanyohai Shuzo , a sake brewery which has been carefully brewing sake under the concept of "no time or effort is spared " since its establishment in 1837. We are serving Banshu Ikkon , sake which brings smiles to dinner tables, with autumnal delicacies. Banshu Ikkon is made using only rice originating from Hyogo Prefecture and brewed with water from the clear underground current of the Ibo River. The sake glasses are selected to match the sake. We want to offer a special, valuable experience featuring a combination of sake, cuisine, and glassware for one day exclusively at Bistro NOHGA.


■Date: Saturday, November 11th, 2023 from 19:00 to 21:30

■Price: 12,000 yen per person (tax and service charge included)

■Pairing details:
6 dishes (amuse-bouche, appetizer, hot appetizer, fish, meat, and dessert)
Sake (4 kinds of Banshu Ikkon + cider)
*Sanyohai Shuzo Seki (public relations planning) will speak about his careful process for sake brewing, the characteristics of Banshu Ikkon, and how to enjoy its delicious flavor.
Glassware (the sake will be paired with glassware)
*Seiichi Kimoto of Kimoto Glassware will select sake glasses to pair with the sake and speak about their features, key points, and how to savor sake with them.

Reservation Required
Please make a reservation in advance through the hotel's official website.
For inquiries, please call:
TEL:03-6284-2417 (Direct line to Bistro NOHGA)

* Maximum participants: 20. Reservations will close once all slots are filled.
* As alcohol will be served, this event is for those aged 20 and over.
We recommend utilizing public transportation.

Sanyohai Shuzo Co., Ltd.
For more than 180 years since its founding in 1837, Sanyohai Shuzo has been brewing sake in Shiso, a mountainous land located in the Harima region of Hyogo prefecture, with the desire "to deliver high-quality sake to everyone." The company aims to create sake with a flavor that only it can brew by taking advantage of the rich, natural climate and ingredients blessed by the pure, bountiful water of the Ibo river system.
The Harima region lies within Japan's best grain-producing region for sake rice , and is also home to the Special A District of Yamada Nishiki, well known as the King of Brewing Rice. The company is committed to working with farmers to produce the high-quality brewing rice of Hyogo Prefecture, such as Hyogo Yume Nishiki and Hyogo Kita Nishiki, so that as many customers as possible can learn about the magnificent resources of Hyogo and Shiso.

Kimoto Glassware Co., Ltd.
"Producing all things glass with an artisan's spirit"
For more than 80 years, we have always monitored market trends as a wholesaler. What do consumers look for in glass products? What are the factors that distinguish the products that sell and those that do not? What is necessary for glass products to be popular among people living today?
We will strive to create a new outlook on glass products by utilizing our unique perspective as a wholesaler and working together with handmade glass factories in downtown Tokyo, Edo Kiriko glass artisans, designers, and creatives.

This experience has finished