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Experience the downtown summer festival

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Participated in the summer festival at Shitaya-jinja Shrine and carrying "Mikoshi"!

May 13 & May 14, 2023

Shitaya-jinja Shrine, located near Nohga Hotel Ueno known for its lively and energetic summer festival "Matsuri". During this festival, the Mikoshi is adorned with beautiful decorations and carried by the parishioners of the shrine through the streets in neighborhood. The energetic atmosphere is enhanced by the rhythmic shouts and chants of the participants.

The festival has 1000 years history and is usually held from Friday to Sunday near May 11th, and on Saturdays and Sundays, more than 140 festival stalls set up around the shrine to liven up the festival.

This year, it's been held on May 13 and 14. Some of our staying guests and our hotel staff participated in the "Mikoshi Carrying" and enjoyed the festival to the fullest.




We would like to continue to introduce the Mikoshi Carrying experience to our guests from next year onwards (although the number of people will be limited).

Next time, why don't you participate in the precious experience?

This experience has finished