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Kimoto Glassware x Tosa Shuzo : Japanese Sake Glass Seminar #20

February 16th (Sun.) 2020, 18:00 〜 21:00
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Wine glasses are beautiful, why aren't there any glass for sake... what will it be like if we make sake glasses?!
Their simple curiousity persued creativity of Kimoto Glassware's latest brand "es" .

NOHGA HOTEL UENO will be holding the 8th of our popular seminars for your memorable experience in variety of pairing glass designs with various sake. We invite Mr. Mune... Matsumoto, the 6th president of Tosa Brewery as our guest speaker.


Tosa Brewery's sake making, represented by "Keigetsu", is held in Tosa-cho, Tosa-gun, Kochi Prefecture, blessed with delicious water and air. "Making delicious sake using rice and water from Tosa-cho".


The "Keigetsu" that is created by the same spirit as the predecessors of 100 years ago, having won many awards and is popular all over the world, is a representative of Kochi Prefecture's sake culture.


In fact, Matsumoto is also known as a wine lover.
Like natural handmade wine produced by small wineries around the world, he claims
"Sake of sake that can compete in the world from Tosa Town", and in recent years he is focusing on sake for western food such as French cuisine and desserts as chocolate, his sake brewing is developing in light of the changing environment surrounding culinary culture, where sake has potential bringing revolutionary richness to culinary enjoyment and is more than just for Japanese food.

Event guests will be served our special threesome combination of selected branded sake from Tosa Brewery, served in fine sake glasses by Kimura Glass, for our special memu only for tonight created by our proud chef Ebihara.



We propose a new way to enjoy Japanese sake so that even who are not familiar with sake must be satisfied. So please look forward to the sake lineup and dinner menu of the day.

Our main lecturer will be Seiichi Kimoto, the president of Kimoto Glassware.


Mr. Kimoto has garnered well-earned respect and acclaim in the sake and glassware worlds for his vast glassware knowledge, unmistakable charm, and dedication to creating new and original ways to enjoy sake.

Supporting "manufacturing" in Ueno area from the front line, Kimoto is pursuing the potential of manufacturing. Each of his words is full of new learning and discoveries.

Love and passion for town, craftsmen, glass and designs.


Glasses, sake and food grow the tongue of the participants.
"What a surprising combination!"
Please enjoy the triple pairing(threesome combination ) that can only be offered by NOHGA HOTEL.

This is an extremely popular seminar and seats fill up fast.
Book now and add this event to your memorable culinary experience list of Japan!


Workshop Outline

Program Contents

1. The origin of "es"
2. Introduction to varying glass designs and sake.
3. Tasting
4. Open discussion and Q&A


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Check-in Time

5:40PM, day of. (Please come to the 1F Front Desk)



Participant Capacity

20 people

Important Points

Must be 20 Years or Older
This seminar includes alcohol consumption. Please travel to and from the seminar by public transportation or taxi.

Application Deadline

Saturday,February 15th, 3:00PM
*Application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.


Saturday,February 15th, 3:00PM
*Application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.


Mr. Muneki Matsumoto of Tosa Shuzo
Mr. Muneki Matsumoto of Tosa Shuzo (a sake brewery founded in 1877, Tosa Shuzo Co., Ltd.) is the 6th representative director.
From the experience fascinated by world's wineries that stick with fields and the quality of soil, he started to improve his rice fields. Many sake brands represented by "Keigetsu" produced by Tosa Sake Brewery have won many awards.
He continues to spread the appeal of sake to the world: time with sake, brewery experience through encounter and connection with poeple, and the charm of sake.

Mr. Seiichi Kimoto of Kimoto Glass
Since its foundation in 1931, Kimoto Glass has been dedicated to the creation of glassware. In its third generation, Seiichi Kimoto has been working in collaboration with factories and craftspeople alike, to create beautiful pieces with a sense for progressive design and sell them wholesale.
Pondering glass designs to suit the modern lifestyle, as well as collaborating with factories and craftspeople to realize original designs, Mr. Kimoto works day and night to explore the possibilities of glassware. Find Kimoto Glass’ original pieces featured at Bistro NOHGA and for sale at NOHGA HOTEL UENO’s first floor gallery.
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