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Kimoto Glassware x Nagai Shuzo : Japanese Sake Glass Seminar #18

Dec. 15th (Sun) 2019 18:00 〜 21:00
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If there are wine glasses, why aren't there sake glasses?
It is with this question in mind that Kimoto Glassware's "es" was created.

At NOHGA HOTEL UENO, we will be holding Part 7 of our most popular seminar, pairing different glass designs with various sakes.

Our guest lecturer this time is Noriyoshi Nagai, sixth generation owner of Nagai Shuzo sake brewery.


Nagai Style is a new proposition for Japanese sake.
It was launched in 2008 as a first for the industry using secondary fermentation in bottles to create sparkling sake.
The concept of the range is to make sake that appeals to a global market.
Nagai studied wine in the Champagne region of France and applied atypical fermentation methods to take the Japanese culture of rice wine to the world.


In 2013, Nagai developed Vintage Sake, a new concept of sake in which the taste only becomes evident with the passage of time.
In 2014 it announced Dessert Sake, completing the Nagai Style range for customers to enjoy sake matched with the whole of dinner from entrees to mains and dessert.

Enjoy Nagai Style with a Bistro NOHGA original course dinner, available for one night only.

Back again as our main lecturer will be president of Kimoto Glassware, Seiichi Kimoto.


Mr. Kimoto has garnered well-earned respect and acclaim in the sake and glassware worlds for his vast glassware knowledge, unmistakable charm, and dedication to creating new and original ways to enjoy sake.



What's more, participants will enjoy the ever-popular sake-pairing Bistro NOHGA Original Course Dinner.
This event is not just a sake and glass pairing, but a food and sake pairing as well.
Pleasant surprises in our pairing menu await!



This is an extremely popular seminar and seats fill up fast.
Book early. We look forward to your attendance.

Workshop Outline

Program Contents

1. The origin of "es"
2. Introduction to varying glass designs and sake.
3. Tasting
4. Open discussion and Q&A



Check-in Time

5:40PM, day of. (Please come to the 1F Front Desk)


13,500 JPY

Target Participant

20 years and older

Important Points

Must be 20 Years or Older
This seminar includes alcohol consumption. Please travel to and from the seminar by public transportation or taxi.

Application Deadline

Saturday, December 14th, 3:00PM
*Application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.


Mr. Noriyoshi Nagai of Nagai Shuzo
Sixth generation owner of Nagai Shuzo sake brewery, founded in 1886 in Kawaba village on the Tone River in Gunma Prefecture.
A unique sake that expresses the nature of Kawaba village in its fusion of water, rice and craftmanship and is loved by top restaurants the world over.
In its Nagai Style range that suggests pairing sake with food based on a passion for introducing the world to a new kind of Japanese sake that fully demonstrates the power and beauty of rice, this brewery continues to promote new delights to the world.
Water: a gift from the Oze mountains, this is a soft spring water extracted from under Kawaba village Rice: sakamai (brewers' rice) painstakingly cultivated in dialogue with nature and with the confidence that comes from a face to face relationship. Premium Yamada Nishiki brewers' premium rice from Miki, Hyogo Prefecture and other areas is used, as well as Yukihotaka and Gohyakumanseki rice that reflects the terroir of Kawaba where it is cultivated Craftmanship: a fusion of cutting-edge equipment and traditional artisan skills

Mr. Seiichi Kimoto of Kimoto Glass
Since its foundation in 1931, Kimoto Glass has been dedicated to the creation of glassware.
In its third generation, Seiichi Kimoto has been working in collaboration with factories and craftspeople alike, to create beautiful pieces with a sense for progressive design and sell them wholesale.
Pondering glass designs to suit the modern lifestyle, as well as collaborating with factories and craftspeople to realize original designs, Mr. Kimoto works day and night to explore the possibilities of glassware.
Find Kimoto Glass’ original pieces featured at Bistro NOHGA and for sale at NOHGA HOTEL UENO’s first floor gallery.
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