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Write a letter to a loved one with a fountain pen - Kakimori #15

September 29th (Sun) 2019 16:00 — 17:30
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"Creating a joyful writing opportunity"
Our wish is to create a joyful opportunity for those who want to write by hand to make it part of their daily life.
This is the idea that inspired us to organize a collaborative workshop between the Kuramae stationer Kakimori and Nohga Hotel, "Write a letter to a loved one with a fountain pen".

Kakimori is a dedicated stationery retailer that has an abiding passion for writing with well-designed, practical stationery, even as opportunities to write dwindle.
Nohga Hotel Ueno has original fountain pens in three colors of ink.
For this event, Kakimori will run a seminar entitled, "How to express your wishes in a letter".

The stationery used will be fountain pens and ink.
A fountain pen may seem difficult to use for those who are not used to it, but friendly guidance on how to write beautifully with a fountain pen and its maintenance will be provided.

It may be hard to change the way you write in an instant, but by observing a few points you should be able to write much more neatly.

Those not used to writing letters, or those without the confidence to write are equally welcome.
Why not take on the challenge of the fountain pen with us?


The event will feature autumnal inks selected by staff of Inkstand, the ink retailer behind Kakimori.

Your favorite autumn color, the autumn color from that special time, your autumn memories with the recipient of the letter.
Express yourself with the ink that captures the fall season you are thinking of.
Take your pick, we have plenty of colors available.


Take home the fountain pen and ink you use in the workshop as souvenirs of the day, so why not write a letter to someone who matters, maybe someone at home? (Image for illustrative purposes only)

Workshop participants will be served Nohga Hotel's favorite coffee.


Our original blend is a collaboration with the famous Kabuki coffee shop of Torigoe, Taito Ward and is only available here at Nohga Hotel.
Every cup is carefully hand-drip brewed.
Enjoy the changing flavour profile of the coffee from morning to evening, as the roast and the bean ratio are adjusted to the time of day.

As you sip a nice coffee and write your letter in a different space from the everyday routine, you may find yourself able to express your feelings in words that had hitherto escaped you.

This is your chance to express your thoughts to someone special.
Please join us.


Tour Outline

Program Contents

1. Introduction of Kakimori & inkstand
2. How to use a fountain pen
3. Secrets to writing a beautiful letter
4. Writing your letter



Check-in Time

3:40PM, day of. (Please come to the 1F Front Desk)


6,000 JPY

Participant Capacity

10 peaple

Take-home items

・ 1 clear Kakimori fountain pen
・1 inkstand ink collection - Autumn
・3 Kakimori Any way letter pads
・1 Kakimori Any way letter envelope

Application Deadline

Saturday, September 28th, 6:00PM
*Application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.



Kakimori is a specialized stationery goods boutique that shares the joy of writing through a range of sophisticated products, including fountain pens and made to order notebooks. Amidst the decline in stationery artisans caused by the advance of digitization, Takuma Hirose, the third generation owner, established the Kakimori store to provide people with the renewed joy of writing. Each and every stationery product offered at their store is handmade by artisans with devotion.

*Nohga Hotel also has its own original ink and pens. On sale now
This experience has finished