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Aroma x Wine x Food Pairing - Tomoko Saito x Virtus #14

September 22nd (Sun) 2019 18:00 〜 21:00
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Aromas take us back to the places we visited, the times we spent, and they comfort us.
Wine has aromas and flavors depending on the variety of grape, region and production method.

In a new initiative, we are holding a seminar for participants to experience how pairing aromas with wine can change its taste and aroma, and there will also be food pairing.

The first lecturer was born the eldest daughter of a 10th generation Kyoto family. Tomoko Saito has been around traditional Japanese fragrance culture from her earliest days and is now an expert aroma designer focusing on natural essential oils.



She established "aroma design" as a speciality for designing aromas and creating special atmosphere in spaces, in her belief that "true aromas have the power to move people".
Saito-san has also created an original aroma for NOHGA HOTEL UENO.

The NOHGA HOTEL aroma and a number of others will be available at the event for you to enjoy pairing with wine and food.

The other lecturer is Yu Nakao, Virtus wine shop and importer.


An archaeology major, Nakao-san found a deepening interest in wine on a site excavation trip to Egypt, when the team uncovered ancient relics related to wine. After experience working in wine sales and importing, he established Virtus in 2015.
Bistro NOHGA buys mainly natural wine from Nakao-san.

In addition to a profound knowledge of the culture of wine, he is so eager to engage personally with winemakers that drinking wine with Nakao-san opens up a trove of stories about the passions and backgrounds of the producers, bringing a whole new resonance to the experience.
Nakao-san's stories are also compelling and reflect his soft and gentle character.


Aroma and dining are not often thought of together, but the gentle aroma of natural essential oils suits food very nicely. Bistro NOHGA chef Ebihara has prepared an original casual menu to match the aroma and wine. For this event, we offer an original dinner for one night only.


Aroma, wine and food.
Enjoy a pairing experience only available at NOHGA HOTEL. We look forward to seeing you there.


Tour Outline

Program Contents

1. Aroma Introduction
2. Wine Introduction
3. Glass and Wine Pairing and Bistro NOHGA Course Meal
4. Open conversation and questions.



Check-in Time

5:40PM, day of. (Please come to the 1F Front Desk)


13,000 JPY

Participant Capacity

20 peaple

Important Points

Must be 20 Years or Older
This seminar includes alcohol consumption. Please travel to and from the seminar by public transportation or taxi.

Application Deadline

Saturday, September 21st, 3:00PM
*Application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.


Tomoko Saito
Born as the eldest daughter of a 10th generation Kyoto family, Saito has been around traditional fragrances from her earliest days.
Based on over 13 years' experience in the field, she is an established aroma designer, working particularly on creating aromas and producing spaces.
She has designed over 6000 aromas and is now focused on training and leading aroma designers all over Japan. She has taught over 2000 students to date.
In recent years, she has been a leading aroma blender producing fragrances for companies, art galleries, concerts and more in Japan around the world.
Original aromas are used on the first and second floors of Nohga Hotel. Our original room spray is available for sale in the Gallery.

Yu Nakao -virtus-
Majored in archaeology in his student days. On a site excavation trip to Egypt, he came across relics that threw light on the history of wine. This deepened his interest in win and after experience working in wine sales and importation, he established Virtus in 2015.
The company delivers wines to customers that are made in a safe environment by known producers, the product of his visits to wine producers, examination of their vineyards, conversation with them and tasting of their product.
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