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Glass, Wine, and Food Pairing: Kiyosumishirakawa Fujimaru Syuzojo & Kimura Glass #12

July 21st (Sun) 2019 18:00 〜 21:00
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Thin and light, the feeling one gets from holding this glass is indescribable.


"Kimura Glass," a name renowned, respected, and widely used among culinary professionals, will be providing the glasses paired with an array of natural wines in our fourth tasting seminar.

Our guest lecturer for this seminar will be Akiko Kimizu of Kiyosumishirakawa Fujimaru Syuzojo.

Kiyosumishirakawa Fujimaru Syuzojo, opened in 2015, is one of a rare breed of urban wineries. With the desire to "bring wine more into our everyday lives," Kimizu is not simply making wine, but is creating a new standard for wineries by pushing collaboration with urban shops and restaurants alike.


Made only with Japanese ingredients, this is a deliciously subtle wine that is made to suit everyday meals.

While all are invited to enjoy Kiyosumishirakawa Fujimaru Syuzojo's delicious wines, we particularly wish you all to experience the different tastes and textures of the wines as you try them from various glass types. You can take this newfound knowledge with you to find new ways to enjoy wine even at home.



What's more, Bistro NOHGA will be preparing its adored dinner course. Come enjoy seasonal ingredients harvested at the height of their subtle yet distinct flavors.



Our wine seminars are in high demand, and sell out quite quickly, so don't wait to reserve your spot! We at NOHGA HOTEL UENO cant wait to welcome you all for this experience which will surely be an evening to remember.

Workshop Outline

Program Contents

1. Wine Glass Introduction
2. Wine Introduction
3. Glass and Wine Pairing and Bistro NOHGA Course Meal
4. Open conversation and questions.


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Check-in Time

5:45PM, day of. (Please come to the 1F Front Desk)



Participant Capacity

20 people

Important Points

Must be 20 Years or Older
This seminar includes alcohol consumption. Please travel to and from the seminar by public transportation or taxi.

Application Deadline

Friday, July 19th, 3:00PM
*Application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.


Akiko Kimizu

Chief Winemaker at Kiyosumishirakawa Fujimaru Syuzojo.

Kimizu is fascinated and inspired by the endless stories that a glass of wine can hold. From this curiosity, she became interested in having her own space to explore the possibilities of grapes and wine. After having studied seeding, pruning and winemaking in New Zealand, Kimizu spent time at Lemelson Vineyards in Oregon and Southbrook Vineyards in Ontario, Canada to further learn about organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wine. It was after these experiences that Kimizu ultimately joined Fujimaru Syuzojo in 2015.

Kimizu is steadfast in her desire to "spread the charm of wine those both near and far," with the hopes of bringing those who enjoy wine closer to the vineyard with every sip.
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