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Kimoto Glassware x Matsui Shuzo : Japanese Sake Glass Seminar

Feb. 17th (Sun) 2019 18:00 〜 21:00
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If there are wine glasses, why aren't there sake glasses? It is with this question in mind that Kimoto Glassware's "es" was created.
At NOHGA HOTEL UENO, we will be holding Part 2 of our most popular seminar, pairing different glass designs with various sakes.


Back again as our main lecturer will be president of Kimoto Glassware, Seiichi Kimoto.
Mr. Kimoto has garnered well-earned respect and acclaim in the sake and glassware worlds for his vast glassware knowledge, unmistakable charm, and dedication to creating new and original ways to enjoy sake.


Our guest lecturer this time around will be Machiko Matsui, of "Matsui Shuzo," the renowned Tochigi sake producer known for its constant innovation of the craft of sake brewing.
Dive into a fascinating seminar on the art of sake brewing, while tasting and enjoying various types of sake, including Matsui Shuzo's most popular "Matsu no Kotobuki."


All participants will receive a NOHGA HOTEL UENO x Kimoto Glass present: a "hirahai" original design sake glass. With it, you can even enjoy new subtle flavors of sake at home.


What's more, this seminar will be conducted along with a course dinner prepared by our chefs at Bistro NOHGA. It is an opportunity not just to pair glass with sake, but to also pair sake with delicious dishes tailored to the Japanese sake that is served.
*Actual menu may vary from photo


The first round of this seminar sold out quickly so be sure to reserve your spot early! We are looking forward to seeing you all on what is sure to be an unforgettable evening.


Workshop Outline


1. The origin of “es”
2. Explanation of various sake glass designs, and sake types
3. Sake tasting
4. Q&A


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Check-in Time

Please register at the front desk on 1st floor from 17:45.



Participant Capacity

20 people


Must be 20 Years or Older
This seminar includes alcohol consumption. Please travel to and from the seminar by public transportation or taxi.

Registration Deadline

Friday, February 15th at 15:00
*Application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.


Mr. Seiichi Kimoto / Kimoto Glassware
Since its foundation in 1931, Kimoto Glassware has been dedicated to the creation of glassware. In its third generation, Seiichi Kimoto has been working in collaboration with factories and craftspeople alike, to create beautiful pieces with a sense for progressive design and sell them wholesale.
Pondering glass designs to suit the modern lifestyle, as well as collaborating with factories and craftspeople to realize original designs, Mr. Kimoto works day and night to explore the possibilities of glassware. Find Kimoto Glassware’s original pieces featured at Bistro NOHGA and for sale at NOHGA HOTEL UENO’s 1F Front.

Mrs. Machiko Matsui / Matsui Shuzo (Sake Brewery)
Mrs. Matsui is the proprietor of Matsui Shuzo, a sake brewery in the town of Shioya, in northern Tochigi Prefecture. Sourcing the water for her sake, drip by drip, from the mountain stream next to the property, its unmistakable that all of her sake is made with love. Matsui Shuzo's fine and delicate sake is the gift of the land it is located on.
The small batches produced by this small brewery are brewed with care year-round. Even in the winter, the brewery continues to brew sake with the cold spring water from the mountains. Matsui Shuzo is owned by Mr. Nobutaka, who received his certification of "Shimotsuke Touji" - a master-level certification of sake brewing - in 2006.
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