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Nisshin Kikinzoku: Ice-Cream Spoon Silversmithing Workshop

Nov. 25th (Sun) 2018 15:00 〜 16:00
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Through this workshop we introduce you to the tradition of silversmithing and Tokyo silverware with second-generation silversmith Master Soushou Kamikawa and son Souhaku Kamikawa of Nisshin Kikinzoku.


In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to make your own ice cream spoon from pure silver.
Pure silver has high thermal conductivity so when you use this spoon the heat from your fingers will transfer and in turn melt the ice cream. Be surprised by how smoothly the spoon will cut through ice cream, it may even taste better than usual.
Compact to use and smooth to touch, it is also recommended for children and babies' use, maybe even a good gift to celebrate a new baby! 

Customize the spoon with whatever pattern you like and make a one-of-a-kind spoon for yourself or for a special person.


Take part in this unique experience and try your hand at the same tools and techniques that have been passed down through the ages of craftsmen.



Master Soushou Kamikawa of Nisshin Kikinzoku

Workshop Outline


1. Explanation about silverware
2. Silversmithing hands-on experience
3. Ice-cream spoon demonstration
4. Ice-cream tasting with silver spoon


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Reception Time

Please register at the front desk on 1st floor by 14:45.


12,000 JPY

Participant Capacity

6 people


Children must participate with parent or guardian supervision.

Registration Deadline

November 24th (Sat) 3pm


Soushou Kamikawa & Souhaku Kamikawa / Nisshin Kikinzoku
Established in 1964, Nisshin Kikinzoku has been making Tokyo Silverware for over three generations in Taito-Ku.
Founded on a technique that has continued from the end of the Edo Period for 11 generations, they fuse tradition with the new sense of young craftsmen to find the next generation of traditional crafts. Master Soushou Kamikawa and his family open their workshop to thhe public to hold traditional craft classes periodically.
This experience has finished