There is also a plan with an airline ticket.


Like layers of complexity, Akihabara shows different aspects to each visitors. It is not a place you could fully understand with just a single round. Explore and discover the hidden intrigues through our original events and tours with new point of views. We are not only a hotel, but a cutural hub to experience the city attracting your senses.

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At regular events, music selectors will introduce exclusive lounge tunes through our originally customized high-quality speakers. At the 2nd floor gallery space, contemporary art exhibitions will be held every few months. Inspiring music and artworks conveying strong messages will bring you perceptions like never before.


Starting from the hotel, we conduct guide tours of various themes and capacity. Experience the wide range of history and culture of Akihabara, or shop at a specialty shop notable to enthusiasts. By being a hub for people and places, we let participants discover their very own "Akiba" beyond expectations – a place that is worth visiting again.